Numerous factors play a crucial role in determining the ideal van for your needs. Whether you enjoy camping, surfing, or embarking on cross-country road trips, having a van that can accommodate all your gear and ensure a safe journey to your destination is paramount.
We'll be examining three of the most sought-after adventure van models readily available for purchase, catering to those who prefer not to customize their own vans: the Winnebago Revel, Storyteller Overland, and Santa Monica. While there is some similarity among them, as all three are Class B RVs built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144" 4x4 chassis, each boasts distinct features that could sway your preference.
Continue reading to gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision between these top-notch Class B adventure vans!

For solo explorers or adventurous couples, the Winnebago Revel is the go-to choice. With its singular floorplan, the 44E, this adventure van is tailor-made for efficient living. The Revel impresses with its smart features, compact kitchen, and surprisingly spacious bathroom.

Efficient Living: The Revel's interior is a cozy space with a rotated dinette and a compact kitchen featuring a fold-down counter, drawer-stored refrigerator, and an impressive sink and faucet setup.

Luxury on the Road: Despite its compact size, the Revel offers unexpected luxuries, including a roomy shower, a powered roof vent fan, and a toilet with a unique exterior holding tank for easy maintenance.

Versatile Design: At the rear, the Revel ingeniously combines the bedroom and gear storage. The power lift bed reveals a substantial storage area, showcasing Winnebago's commitment to optimizing space.

Off-Grid Ready: Geared for off-grid adventures, the Revel boasts a robust power system with lithium batteries, solar panels, and a hydronic heating system, ensuring comfort year-round.

Discover the epitome of adventure with Storyteller MODE vans—a blend of versatility and innovation. Designed for customization, the interior boasts flexibility, featuring removable elements and sheep's wool insulation for a cozy atmosphere. The GrooveLounge, a dynamic space with a convertible bench seat, adds functionality with built-in seatbelts, catering to solo travelers and families alike.
Efficiency defines the kitchen, strategically placed on the passenger side, while the clever bathroom solution utilizes the innovative Halo shower system, maximizing space. With rugged gear storage and a convertible bed, the rear of the MODE van seamlessly accommodates both adventure gear and relaxation needs.
Equipped for off-grid living, the MODE series impresses with a powerful 12-kilowatt-hour battery managed by the Volta power system. A 3,600-watt inverter ensures ample energy for various appliances, complemented by a 21-gallon freshwater tank and a diesel heating system for year-round comfort.
Beyond functionality, the MODE van's sleek exterior features roof storage, a ladder, and a powered awning, creating an inviting outdoor haven.
This adventure van, based on the AWD 144 Sprinter, promises an unparalleled experience with features like seat swivels, a 360-degree rear camera, and luxurious leather seats. Whether opting for the ready-made package or custom conversion, the Santa Monica boasts four-season Thinsulate insulation, marine-style flooring, and cutting-edge electrical components for a journey tailored to your desires.

Revolutionary Interior Design It's the sole 144 wb short Sprinter van accommodating 4 to 5 people, complete with an indoor bathroom, kitchen, elevator bed, and dinette area. The van's interior showcases a 30-gallon fresh water tank, 22-gallon grey water tank, and premium features like an aluminum shower, induction cooktop, and pop-up countertop extension. The Santa Monica is designed for comfort, ensuring a delightful travel experience for solo adventurers or families.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living The Santa Monica effortlessly extends your living space outdoors. A roof deck with a foldable hammock, motorized awning, and double-glazed awning-style windows create a connection with nature. The van's exterior boasts glycol combined diesel water and air heating, 12V efficient A/C, and a versatile sleeping setup with an elevator bed and dinette transformer. Immerse yourself in nature with LED lights, a fold-down exterior table, and a porch light for the perfect outdoor ambiance.

Unveiling Your Perfect Adventure Companion: Winnebago Revel vs. Storyteller Overland vs. Santa Monica

Embarking on the adventure of a lifetime demands the perfect companion, and when it comes to adventure vans, the choice between Storyteller Overland, Winnebago Revel, and Santa Monica is no small feat. Each promises a unique blend of features, style, and functionality. Let’s compare a few key areas and see how these adventure vans measure up!
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1. Storyteller Overland MODE:
  • The MODE series by Storyteller Overland serves up a well-designed kitchen featuring a Dometic sink and faucet, an induction cooktop neatly stored in a drawer, and a forward-facing 12-volt refrigerator.
  • Notably, the MODE's refrigerator is slightly larger, offering more storage space for your culinary delights. This fridge operates on both AC and DC power, providing flexibility for various power sources.
  • To cater to diverse culinary needs, Storyteller Overland adds a stainless steel microwave to the mix, adding a touch of convenience for those on-the-go meals.
2. Winnebago Revel:
  • Winnebago Revel, in its compact yet functional kitchen, mirrors the Storyteller Overland with a Dometic sink and faucet, an induction cooktop cleverly tucked away, and a forward-facing 12-volt refrigerator.
  • While the kitchen layout is similar, Revel offers its unique touch with smart storage solutions and a thoughtful design that maximizes the utility of the available space.
3. Santa Monica:
  • Santa Monica enters the kitchen arena with a 12-volt 3.2 cu ft fridge and freezer, ensuring ample space for your perishables during the adventure.
  • Adding to the cooking repertoire, Santa Monica's kitchen includes an induction cooktop and a built-in microwave. The deep sink with an insert and drainer complements the culinary setup, making it a versatile space for preparing meals on the road.
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1. Storyteller Overland MODE:
  • Storyteller MODE introduces an innovative bathroom solution with its Halo shower system. This clever design offers the dual advantage of an in-van shower experience while maximizing living space.
  • The Halo shower system allows for a quick transformation of the shower area into useful storage space, catering to the need for flexibility in the van's layout. This design provides the luxury of a shower without compromising on the available living space.
2. Winnebago Revel:
  • Revel takes a bold step with its built-in wet bath, claiming a significant portion of the interior space. While this may seem like a trade-off, the benefits are undeniable.
  • The built-in wet bath ensures that a shower is always within reach, providing convenience for those spontaneous cleaning moments. Additionally, the bathroom doubles as a versatile storage space for wet gear such as towels, snowboards, and boots.
3. Santa Monica:
  • Santa Monica brings a touch of sophistication to its bathroom setup with an aluminum indoor bathroom featuring a sliding door and a smart compact toilet.
  • Adding to the versatility, Santa Monica incorporates an L track integrated system that transforms the shower area into valuable storage space. The rear outdoor shower completes the package, offering an alfresco bathing option for those who prefer a closer connection to nature.
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1. Storyteller Overland MODE:
  • Storyteller Overland steals the show with its bedroom design, marrying functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. The bed cleverly folds against the walls, creating a spacious haven for gear storage. Notably, the MODE van allows you to stand up in the rear, adding a unique dimension to the living space.
  • The MODE van takes pride in accommodating two people comfortably, emphasizing a thoughtful layout that maximizes both storage and living areas.
2. Winnebago Revel:
  • Revel introduces a power lift bed, a space-saving solution that, unfortunately, limits the standing space in the rear. However, the adjustable bed adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to leave it made even when in the upper position.
  • The Revel's thoughtful design ensures that the bed orientation accommodates taller van lifers, offering a comfortable sleep experience across the width of the van.
3. Santa Monica:
  • Santa Monica's bedroom stands out with its elevator bed expandable to the sides, featuring a custom mattress. The innovative dinette transformer provides an additional full-size bed, adding versatility to the sleeping arrangements.
  • The van caters to a larger group, accommodating up to five people comfortably. The double seat up front folds flat into a bed, expanding the sleeping capacity for a shared van life experience.
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1. Storyteller Overland MODE:
  • The MODE takes off-grid living seriously with its robust power setup. The Volta power system, featuring a 12-kilowatt-hour battery, steals the spotlight, providing ample juice for various energy demands.
  • The impressive 3,600-watt inverter ensures you can run all your devices simultaneously, and the M-Power station turns the van into a mobile generator, an ingenious addition for extended off-grid adventures.
  • Boasting a substantial 21-gallon fresh water tank, the Storyteller Overland MODE ensures you have an ample supply for your hydration needs. What sets it apart is the exterior city/freshwater connection, simplifying the tank-filling process for added convenience.
2. Winnebago Revel:
  • Revel doesn't lag behind in the power game, boasting a solid setup with two 125-amp hour lithium batteries and a 2,000-watt inverter. The van is equipped to handle typical power needs, ensuring a comfortable off-grid experience.
  • The Revel's power system, including roof-mounted solar panels, aligns with its commitment to off-grid adventures. The 360-degree rear camera enhances maneuverability when navigating remote terrains.
  • Revel stands strong with a commendable 21-gallon fresh water tank, aligning with the industry standard for generous water capacity. Its distinctive feature lies in the exterior access to the cassette toilet holding tank, streamlining maintenance tasks.
3. Santa Monica:
  • Santa Monica brings its A-game with a comprehensive power package, including 700 amp-hour lithium batteries, a 2000-watt pure sine inverter, and up to 350 watts of solar power. The shore 30 amp power, combined DCDC charger, and solar controller ensure a versatile charging experience.
  • The van's thoughtful design extends to the interior, featuring 110-volt outlets with USB C and A ports, a 12-volt reading light, and USB charging ports for your convenience.
  • Santa Monica takes the lead with a capacious 30-gallon fresh water tank, providing an extended water reserve for your journeys. Accompanied by a 20-gallon grey water tank, the van ensures a well-balanced water management system for a seamless off-grid experience.
Number of Travelers
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1. Storyteller Overland MODE:
  • The GrooveLounge steals the spotlight, transforming into a cozy bed swiftly. Equipped with built-in seatbelts, it caters to families, comfortably accommodating two individuals. A versatile solution for those seeking a balance between travel and rest.
2. Winnebago Revel:
  • The Revel caters to a group of three with its convertible dinette area. While not as instantaneous as some preferences might desire, the option provides additional sleeping space. Ideal for a small group of friends or a couple with a wanderlust companion..
3. Santa Monica:
  • Santa Monica emerges as a leader in passenger capacity, designed to comfortably seat and sleep up to five individuals. The double bench upfront folds flat to form a bed, offering a versatile and reclinable backrest. The elevator bed and dinette transformer further enhance sleeping options.
Choosing Your Adventure Ally
Selecting the ultimate adventure van among the Winnebago Revel, Storyteller Overland, and Santa Monica boils down to your individual preferences and specific needs. Each van brings a unique set of features, off-road capabilities, and a commitment to enhancing your outdoor experiences. There's no wrong answer—ensure your choice aligns with your adventure style. Happy travels!
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