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6 Most Common Camper Van Bathroom Options (with Pros & Cons)
Camper van bathrooms ignite discussions in the van life world, with enthusiasts debating the merits of full indoor showers versus minimalist setups. The variety of styles and preferences within the community ensures that there's a campervan bathroom solution for everyone. Some revel in the luxury of a complete indoor bathroom, while others opt for simplicity, choosing to forgo a shower in their van. This post delves into a spectrum of camper vans with bathrooms, showcasing different shower setups. Whether you're drawn to opulence or minimalism, this exploration offers a plethora of ideas to inspire your off-grid living journey.
Full standing bathroom plastic
  • Pros

    Choosing a full standing bathroom in plastic proves to be a strategic decision for those navigating van life, offering a winning combination of durability, low maintenance, and affordability. The plastic ensures the bathroom stays in excellent condition over the years, boasting not only durability but also ease of cleaning. With no grout or joints prone to mold accumulation, maintenance becomes a simple task—just a quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps the nonporous surface pristine. The plastic's resistance to chipping adds to its longevity, sparing van lifers from the need for frequent replacements. Beyond its functional benefits, the relatively low cost of plastic provides an accessible solution without compromising the sophisticated look of the van's interior, making it a practical and stylish choice for those embracing life on the road.
  • Cons

    While a full standing bathroom in plastic offers practical advantages, it comes with noteworthy cons that warrant consideration in the realm of van life. The most concerning issue revolves around longevity, as plastic has the potential to chip or crack over time, posing a risk of water damage to the bathroom. Depending on the quality of the plastic material, discoloration may emerge and prove challenging to eliminate. Plastic, compared to more robust choices, is not considered as durable. Routine sealing and cleaning become necessary to prevent staining over time, adding to the maintenance demands. These considerations highlight the importance of a thoughtful evaluation when deciding if a plastic shower is the right fit for your van's bathroom remodel, weighing the practical advantages against potential drawbacks for an informed decision.
Real tile bathroom
  • Pros

    Real tile bathrooms, while exuding elegance, come with a set of distinct advantages and drawbacks in the context of a van conversion. The ability to replace or repair individual tiles without a complete overhaul is a notable advantage, offering a cost-effective solution to address any damages over time. Design versatility is a key highlight, as tiles provide a vast array of options in terms of patterns, colors, and designs, allowing for personalized and creative bathroom aesthetics. Proper sealing and care contribute to the longevity of tile walls, enhancing their resistance to damage.
  • Cons

    Using tile for van bathroom walls presents several challenges. Firstly, tiles are prone to cracking and chipping, which can necessitate frequent repairs or replacements, compromising durability. Moreover, the nature of bathroom usage and the application of grout make tile walls more susceptible to leaks, increasing maintenance requirements. Despite being easy to wipe down, regular cleaning of grout lines is essential, along with proper sealing to prevent stains and moisture damage. Additionally, the complex installation process often requires professional expertise, contributing to higher costs compared to alternative wall surrounds. Lastly, the weight of tile adds to the overall load of the van, potentially affecting fuel efficiency and performance. Considering these factors, while tile offers aesthetic appeal, its drawbacks may outweigh its benefits for van bathrooms.
Aluminum shower
  • Pros

    In van conversions, aluminum showers play a unique role as decorative accents rather than comprehensive surrounds. The choice of aluminum is driven by its inherent resistance to rust and its lightweight properties, making it an efficient and practical metal for shower applications. The durability against rust ensures a prolonged lifespan, contributing to the longevity of the shower accents in the van. The lightweight nature of aluminum is particularly advantageous in a mobile setting, where weight considerations are crucial. This makes aluminum showers a valuable addition, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.
  • Cons

    However, despite these advantages, it's essential to acknowledge potential challenges in maintenance. While aluminum is resistant to rust, caution is required in the selection of cleaning products. Despite these considerations, the decorative and practical aspects of aluminum showers make them a noteworthy choice for those seeking a blend of style and functionality in their van conversions.
Tetravan folding shower
  • Pros

    The Tetravan folding shower emerges as a game-changer in the world of van life, offering a space-efficient and ready-to-use full shower system that seamlessly integrates into existing water setups. This innovative solution provides van lifers with the luxury of a convertible shower, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize versatility and convenience. The system is designed for easy installation, catering to those who desire a hassle-free bathing experience on the road. For those with the budget to spare, the Tetravan folding shower becomes a top contender, elevating the van life bathing experience to a new level.
  • Cons

    However, like any product, the Tetravan does come with its considerations. The cost of the unit is relatively high, reflecting the innovation and convenience it brings to the table. While the price may be steep, for those who value the unique features and benefits offered by the Tetravan folding shower, it becomes a worthwhile investment in enhancing the overall comfort and functionality of their van life experience.
Shower in a bench
  • Pros

    Shower in a bench offers a space-efficient full shower system that can be seamlessly installed into a rig. This design is particularly suitable for those with the budget and a desire for a convertible shower. The unit provides a versatile solution, allowing users to transform the space for different purposes. Additionally, it accommodates the storage of a composting toilet when not in use.
  • Cons

    However, potential drawbacks include the need to assemble various parts, and regular maintenance is essential. Users are advised to wipe down the shower after each use to prevent mold and mildew buildup. Deep cleaning with eco-friendly solutions is recommended on a weekly basis, with special attention to corners and crevices to ensure optimal hygiene and functionality.
Outdoor rear shower
  • Pros

    Space Efficiency: Outdoor showers maximize interior space in the van, allowing for greater flexibility in layout and amenities. Enjoying the Outdoors: The experience of showering outside offers a refreshing and immersive connection with nature, especially in serene and secluded environments. Simplicity and Cost-Effectiveness: Outdoor shower setups are generally more straightforward to install and cost-effective compared to indoor alternatives, requiring minimal modifications.
  • Cons

    However, there are challenges associated with outdoor showers. Privacy concerns arise as finding a secluded spot, especially in urban areas, can be challenging. Outdoor showers are also weather-dependent, with their appeal diminishing in cold or adverse weather conditions. Moreover, their limited use in public spaces can be a drawback, as certain areas may impose restrictions or prohibit their use, impacting their overall usability.
Camper vans with showers bring convenience and comfort to the vanlife experience, offering the freedom to camp anywhere and promoting self-sufficiency. Despite the advantages, there are cons to consider, including limited space, water management challenges, and initial costs. When selecting a camper van with a shower, factors like size, water system capacity, and heating options should be carefully considered. Embracing outdoor showers and adopting responsible water usage practices can enhance the vanlife journey. Additionally, camper van showering etiquette involves respecting shared facilities, responsibly disposing of waste, and preserving privacy to foster a harmonious camping community.
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