Discovering the perfect campervan storage solutions can be overwhelming. But fear not! We've gathered a plethora of ideas, from our own innovations to help you maximize space and organization in your mobile home.
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Embark on a journey to transform your camper van chaos into a realm of serene organization with our guide to ingenious storage solutions. In this article,
we're diving deep into the world of clever tricks and innovative hacks, ensuring every nook and cranny of your mobile space is optimized for efficiency and tranquility.
Kitchen Storage
Discovering efficient storage solutions for campervan kitchens has been a journey of creativity and resourcefulness. From compact spice racks to ingenious modular systems, these ideas cater to various needs and preferences, ensuring a well-equipped and functional kitchenette on the road.
Slide-out Pantry
For those aiming to optimize storage in their campervan kitchen, the slide-out pantry stands out as a brilliant solution.

These sleek cabinets are tailored to fit snugly into compact areas, yet when extended, they unveil multiple shelves primed for housing an array of provisions, from canned goods to spices.

By capitalizing on vertical space, this storage marvel ensures that every pantry item finds its designated spot, neatly arranged and readily accessible whenever culinary inspiration strikes on the road.
Mason Jar Kitchen Storage
A creative and space-saving solution for storing pantry items is to use mason jars and attach them to the ceiling or underside of high cabinets.

By adhering the lids securely, you can easily unscrew the jars when needed and screw them back in place once you're finished, keeping the contents accessible yet out of the way.

This not only maximizes storage efficiency but also adds a decorative element to your kitchen, as the colorful contents of the jars serve as an attractive backdrop. It's a practical and visually appealing way to store pantry essentials while adding charm to your campervan kitchen.
Magnetic Knife Rack
A magnetic knife rack offers a practical and efficient solution for storing kitchen knives, helping to save space while keeping them easily accessible.

By mounting it on a wall or the side of a cabinet, you can neatly organize your knives without cluttering countertops or drawers. Additionally, magnetic knife racks can also hold other metal utensils such as spatulas and tongs, further optimizing your kitchen storage.

This versatile storage solution not only keeps your kitchen tools within reach but also adds a sleek and modern touch to your campervan kitchen decor.
Hanging storage
In complement to custom drawers tailored to fit your dishes perfectly, incorporating hanging storage for long-stemmed glasses and utensils like spatulas offers an efficient and space-saving solution in your campervan kitchen.

By utilizing vertical space, you can keep these items easily accessible while maximizing the available storage area. Installing hooks or racks beneath cabinets or on walls allows for convenient organization without taking up valuable counter or drawer space.

This customizable approach not only optimizes storage but also enhances the functionality and organization of your campervan kitchen, making meal preparation and cleanup more streamlined and enjoyable.
Butcher’s Block Sink
A butcher's block sink offers a highly functional and space-saving solution for campervan kitchens. By combining a cutting board with a sink, it provides a versatile workspace for meal preparation while maximizing efficiency in a compact area.

This multifunctional feature allows you to seamlessly transition between cutting ingredients and cleaning up, making it ideal for small kitchen spaces like those in campervans.

Additionally, the sturdy construction of the butcher's block sink ensures durability and longevity, making it a fantastic investment for any mobile kitchen setup.
Dish storage
Ensuring that everything in your campervan is securely stored is crucial, especially during travel on winding roads or rough terrain. Implementing secure storage solutions not only prevents items from becoming jumbled but also helps maintain order and safety within the vehicle.

Utilizing narrow spaces effectively, such as securing dishes in a cupboard with adjustable dividers or non-slip liners, helps prevent shifting and breakage while in transit. Additionally, incorporating latches, straps, or other securing mechanisms for cabinets and drawers adds an extra layer of protection to keep belongings in place during travel.

By prioritizing secure storage solutions in your campervan, you can minimize the risk of damage to your belongings and enjoy a more organized and stress-free journey, even on challenging roads like winding mountain passes.
Bed Storage
The choice of bed in your campervan significantly influences available storage options in the bedroom area. Yet, regardless of bed type, there are creative storage ideas.
Bench seat storage
In campervan, the convertible bed comprises two parallel bench seats along with a smaller U-shaped piece.

Each bench seat offers ample storage space. We utilize the smaller U-piece for bedding storage, while the larger benches house our water tanks, electric system, and miscellaneous items.

This setup optimizes storage efficiency while maintaining functionality and comfort during travel.
Under-bed pull out storage
When your mattress has a top lid, storing items underneath can be challenging, especially for coolers, toilets, or extra storage bins.

However, an under-bed pull-out offers an ideal solution, providing a neat and secure way to store items beneath your mattress without them sliding around during travel. This pull-out mechanism allows easy access to stored items from the side, overcoming the limitations posed by a top-lid mattress design.

By incorporating an under-bed pull-out, you can efficiently utilize the space beneath your mattress while ensuring that your belongings remain organized and stable while your van is in motion.
Overhead Cabinets
Overhead cabinets are indeed one of the top storage solutions for camper vans. They offer an excellent space to store essential items while keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

By utilizing the vertical space above eye level, overhead cabinets maximize storage capacity without encroaching on the living area.

Whether it's kitchen supplies, clothing, electronics, or outdoor gear, overhead cabinets provide a convenient and practical storage solution for keeping your van tidy and functional while on the road.
Bathroom Storage
Utilizing space-efficient solutions such as compact storage bins, hanging organizers, or built-in shelves can help keep toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials organized and easily accessible. Additionally, incorporating multi-purpose furniture or storage compartments into your design allows for efficient use of limited space while maintaining a comfortable and functional bathroom area in your campervan.

Wall solutions

Wall-mounted shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel dispensers are indeed a genius solution for optimizing space in a camper shower.

By eliminating the need for bulky bottles, these dispensers keep shower essentials organized and easily accessible while freeing up valuable shelf or floor space.

Additionally, attaching towel holders and a toiletry basket to the shower walls using suction hooks is a practical way to maximize vertical space without the need for drilling additional holes.

In camper showers, where space is limited, utilizing vertical storage solutions is crucial for keeping the area neat and functional. These clever storage ideas not only help declutter the shower space but also enhance convenience and efficiency during your travels.

Vertical Solution

Storing a portable toilet inside the shower of a camper can be a space-saving solution.

For some, the camper bathroom serves as a multipurpose room, doubling as a storage unit for drying wet clothes and ski boots. By placing wet boots in the shower area, any melted snow or water is contained within the shower basin, preventing puddles from forming in the campervan.

Additionally, storing larger items such as surfboards or camping gear vertically against the walls maximizes storage space without sacrificing functionality.

This versatile approach ensures efficient use of space in the camper while catering to diverse needs across different activities and seasons.
Living Space Storage
Creative campervan storage solutions are essential for maximizing the use of limited living space in a camper. By incorporating clever storage ideas tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, you can optimize organization, functionality, and comfort in your camper, ensuring a more enjoyable and efficient travel experience.
Pop-Up Table or Shelf
Having a pop-up shelf is indeed one of the best campervan storage ideas due to its versatility and space-saving design.

These shelves can be easily stowed away when not in use, helping to maximize available living space in the camper. When extended with spring-loaded hinges, they provide additional counter space or create an extra workspace, making them ideal for activities such as cooking, working, or simply enjoying a scenic view.

This flexible solution offers convenience and functionality while ensuring that the camper remains organized and clutter-free. Overall, a pop-up shelf is a practical and ingenious storage idea for campervan enthusiasts seeking to optimize their living space.
Campervan Desk Options
Configuring and organizing the office area in a campervan offers a variety of possibilities, catering to individual preferences and needs.

One popular option is incorporating a slide-out table under the bed, providing a convenient workspace that can be tucked away when not in use, maximizing space efficiency.

Alternatively, the Laguna adjustable tables for vans have gained popularity among campervan enthusiasts for their versatility and functionality. These tables offer adjustable height and angle settings, allowing for customization to suit different tasks and preferences.
Bench Seat Storage
Multi-functional seating not only enhances comfort but also maximizes storage space, making every inch of your vehicle work efficiently.

While a plush seat provides a comfortable resting place, incorporating under-bench storage compartments transforms it into a practical hub for essential items like batteries, meters, and other necessities.

By utilizing this typically unused space, you can neatly stow away tools, emergency supplies, or even recreational gear, keeping them easily accessible yet out of sight.

Whether it's a long road trip or daily commuting, having these multi-functional seats ensures that your essentials are conveniently stored, optimizing both comfort and practicality for your travels.
Bulkhead Storage
When embarking on a journey, whether a cross-country road trip or a simple weekend getaway, securing your belongings is paramount for a smooth and safe travel experience.

Incorporating a combination of magnets, locks can be ingenious solutions to keep everything in its place while on the road. Magnets strategically placed in cabinets and compartments can prevent items from shifting during transit, ensuring that your essentials stay put.

Adding locks to drawers and cabinets offers an extra layer of security, preventing unexpected openings, especially on sharp turns or bumpy roads. By implementing these simple yet effective methods, you can safeguard your belongings and enjoy a journey free of worries about loose items or sudden surprises along the way.
Secure Packing
When embarking on a journey, whether a cross-country road trip or a simple weekend getaway, securing your belongings is paramount for a smooth and safe travel experience.

Incorporating a combination of magnets, locks can be ingenious solutions to keep everything in its place while on the road. Magnets strategically placed in cabinets and compartments can prevent items from shifting during transit, ensuring that your essentials stay put.

Adding locks to drawers and cabinets offers an extra layer of security, preventing unexpected openings, especially on sharp turns or bumpy roads. By implementing these simple yet effective methods, you can safeguard your belongings and enjoy a journey free of worries about loose items or sudden surprises along the way.
“Garage” Space Storage
"The garage" in a van is indeed a treasure trove of storage potential, especially for adventure and camping gear. To maximize this valuable space, consider implementing clever storage solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Free fill garage space
Leaving your "garage" area open for free-fill storage is a convenient option for van dwellers seeking flexibility in storing various items.

However, it's crucial to exercise caution regarding the arrangement of items to prevent shifting during transit. Loose items can become dangerous projectiles in the event of sudden stops or sharp turns, posing a risk to both occupants and the integrity of the van's interior.

To mitigate this risk, consider implementing storage solutions such as bins, crates, or bungee cords to secure items in place and prevent them from moving around while the van is in motion.

Additionally, regularly assess and rearrange stored items to maintain balance and stability within the vehicle. By prioritizing safety and organization, you can make the most of your open "garage" space while ensuring a smooth and secure travel experience.
Enclosed Van Garage
One effective solution for keeping dirty gear separate from the living space of the van is to create a dedicated storage compartment or area specifically for such items.

By enclosing the garage area, van owners can effectively contain messes and odors while still maximizing storage capacity for outdoor equipment and supplies. This setup not only helps maintain a clean and organized living environment but also provides easy access to gear when needed.

Overall, an enclosed van garage offers practicality and convenience for adventurers looking to make the most of their van life experiences while keeping their living quarters tidy and functional.
Bike Rack Holder
Don't underestimate the potential for storing larger equipment like bicycles in your van. Lofting your bed creates additional vertical space, allowing you to maximize storage capacity in the back.

By raising the bed, you not only gain extra headroom but also open up valuable floor space underneath for storing bulky items such as bikes. This innovative approach utilizes the height of the van efficiently, ensuring that you can bring along all the gear you need for your adventures without compromising on comfort or living space inside the van.

With careful planning and creative design, lofting your bed transforms your van into a versatile and practical space capable of accommodating larger equipment alongside your living essentials.
Hanging Storage
Transforming the back door storage space in your campervan into a functional and organized area is a savvy approach to maximizing storage capacity and keeping essentials easily accessible.

By installing storage hooks and hanging organizers, you can efficiently utilize this space to hang jackets, bags, and other frequently used items, freeing up valuable floor space. Utilizing hanging organizers with multiple pockets allows you to store smaller items like shoes, workout clothes, towels, and toiletries, keeping them neatly organized and within reach.

Additionally, customizing storage pockets or pouches to fit specific items helps declutter the living space and optimize organization. Make the most of every nook and cranny in the back door area by installing shelves, bins, or compartments, ensuring that every inch of space is utilized effectively for your campervan storage needs.
Additional storage

Expanding storage with exterior solutions like bike racks or roof racks maximizes space in your campervan or motorhome, freeing up room inside for comfort and living essentials while providing convenient transport options for outdoor gear.
Outdoor Mounted Storage
Adding a storage box to the back of a van offers a practical solution for those who need to maximize interior space while catering to specific storage needs, such as outdoor gear or equipment unsuitable for indoor storage.

This external option proves particularly useful for bike enthusiasts or individuals with diverse outdoor hobbies, providing a dedicated space for items like BBQ equipment, charcoal, shovels, and more, keeping them securely stowed and easily accessible without cluttering the van's interior.

By utilizing this additional storage capacity, van owners can ensure a tidy living environment inside the van while having essential gear readily available for their outdoor adventures, contributing to a more organized and enjoyable travel experience overall.
Rooftop storage
Utilizing the roof space of your campervan for storage presents an excellent opportunity to expand storage capacity, especially if you can accommodate both solar panels and additional storage in your design.

While solar panels typically occupy a significant portion of the roof, creative planning may allow for the integration of storage containers or racks alongside them. However, it's essential to consider that adding roof containers or racks might impact the van's aerodynamics, potentially reducing gas mileage.

Despite this drawback, roof storage remains a valuable option for carrying bulky gear such as paddle boards, boats, or snow equipment. By maximizing the available roof space for storage, van owners can efficiently organize and transport essential items, enhancing the versatility and functionality of their campervans for various outdoor activities and adventures.
Campervan Storage Accessories
Selecting the appropriate campervan storage accessories is crucial for optimizing space and organization within your vehicle. It's essential to accurately measure the areas you intend to utilize for storage to ensure that the accessories you choose fit properly. Ill-fitting accessories not only waste valuable space but can also hinder accessibility and functionality. By carefully measuring the available space and selecting accessories that align with your storage needs, you can maximize efficiency and make the most of your campervan's storage capacity.
Foldable Clothes Organizer Storage

Rolling your clothing instead of folding it is a space-saving technique ideal for camper van living. Additionally, organizing rolled clothing in cloth or mesh zippered bags helps prevent shifting during travel, keeping items neatly organized and easily accessible.

organization pouches

Utilizing organization pouches that hang from walls or the back of passenger seats is a practical way to maximize storage space in your camper van. Shoe storage pouches or pouches of various sizes offer versatile options for storing a wide range of items, from shoes and clothing to toiletries, gadgets, and travel essentials. These pouches help keep your belongings neatly organized and easily accessible, making the most of available space and enhancing convenience during your travels.


Before diving into loading up your drawers, it's essential to set yourself up for success by lining them with a grippy drawer liner. This simple yet effective step can make a huge difference in keeping your belongings securely in place while driving, minimizing noise, and preventing rattling in your camper van kitchen. The grippy texture of the liner helps to hold items steady, preventing them from sliding around during transit. Additionally, it adds a layer of cushioning, protecting both your items and the interior of your drawers from damage.

Bamboo Utensil Organizer

The Bamboo Utensil Organizer is a versatile solution for keeping your kitchen drawer tidy and organized in your camper van. Its adjustable and expandable design allows it to fit various drawer sizes, while its crack-resistant and lightweight construction ensures durability without adding extra weight to your vehicle. This organizer effectively keeps utensils in place during travel, providing convenience and efficiency in your camper van kitchen setup.


Switching to bamboo or wooden silverware in your camper van kitchen reduces rattling noises during travel, providing a quieter and more peaceful driving experience.


The Folding Wall Coat Hook is a clever storage solution for your camper van, offering convenience and space-saving functionality. By strategically placing these hooks in key locations, you can easily store items like jackets, bags, or accessories without taking up precious space. The ability to fold the hooks flush to the wall when not in use maximizes available space in your van, ensuring a clutter-free environment while still providing quick access to essential items.

Fruit Hanging Baskets

Fruit hanging baskets are a cost-effective way to keep your produce organized in your camper van. These convenient baskets provide ample storage space for fruits and vegetables while hanging from hooks or overhead bars, saving valuable countertop or drawer space. Their open design allows for good airflow, helping to keep produce fresh for longer periods. With fruit hanging baskets, you can efficiently store and access your fruits and vegetables while optimizing organization in your camper van kitchen.

Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags are indeed a fantastic solution for maximizing storage space in camper vans. By removing air from the bags, they compress bulky items like winter clothing, bedding, and blankets, significantly reducing their volume and optimizing storage space. This allows you to efficiently store seasonal items or extra bedding while keeping them organized and compact, freeing up valuable space in your camper van for other essentials.

By integrating these ingenious design concepts, you can effectively maximize the available space and elevate your camper van adventures to new heights. We continually seek out innovative campervan storage ideas that streamline living in compact spaces. These space-saving strategies are tailored to suit various needs, whether you're a committed minimalist or someone who prepares for every scenario. With these storage hacks, your van life experience is bound to become more organized and efficient. So whether you're embarking on a minimalist journey or packing your camper van for every possible adventure, implementing these storage solutions will undoubtedly enhance your van life experience.
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Designing a kitchen for your van conversion is both thrilling and fulfilling. By embracing space-saving solutions, choosing the right appliances, and prioritizing storage and organization, you can create a functional kitchen that caters to your culinary desires on the road. Don't forget to add practical accessories and infuse elements that reflect your unique style. With these strategies in mind, your van kitchen will undoubtedly become the heart of your mobile home, ensuring delightful meals and memorable culinary adventures throughout your van life journey.
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