Ride into 2024 with Big Bear Vans: Pre-order Now for a Hot Special Offer!
If you place an order for the Santa Monica camper van before December 31st, 2023, you'll not only secure a build slot for 2024, but also lock in the 2023 pricing of $187,700.
This is your last chance to take advantage of our current price before the expected updates in 2024.
Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to book your dream camper van at a great deal. Hurry, you need to book before the New Year rings in!
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This special offer includes the new AWD 144 Sprinter, complete with seat swivels, a 360-degree rear camera, luxurious leather seats, and our premium package.
Alternatively, you have the option to bring your own empty cargo high roof van and simply order the conversion service from us.
4 season Thinsulate insulation
one-of-a-kind slatted wooden ceiling and walls panels, Marine style heavy duty flooring
600 amph lithium batteries
2000 w pure sine inverter & up to 350 w solar
shore 30 amp power
combined DCDC charger and solar controller
110 v outlets with USB C and A ports
12v reading light with USB charging ports

Paneling and Insulation:
Electrical system:
The only 144 wb short Sprinter van on the market that can accommodate 4(5) people with an indoor bathroom, kitchen, elevator bed and dinette area. Fully off grid & 4 season ready. Revolutionary floor plan exclusively by Big Bear Vans. Here's a glimpse into the key features that make this journey so remarkable.
30 gal of fresh water
22 gal of grey water
Aluminum shower with L tracks and toilet (dry-flush or separating)
All metal faucet and shower head with on/off function
12v 3.2 cu ft fridge and freezer
Induction cooktop and built in microwave
Deep sink with an insert and drainer
High pull out faucet
Functional drawers and a pull out pantry
Pop up countertop extension, pull out chopping board
Beautiful aluminum backsplash
Wall cabinet with shelves
Water system:
Double bench behind the driver, reclinable, with extra storage and proper seat belts
5th extra click in seat is available
Side ladder
Roof deck with a foldable hammock
Motorized awning
Double glazed awning style windows with built in black out curtains and mosquito nets
Flares raptor painted with insulated inserts
Glycol combined diesel water & air heater
12 v efficient A/C that works of the batteries
Heating and cooling:
Elevator bed with expandable to the sides into the flares, custom mattress
Dinette transformer to another full size bed
Double seat up front that folds flat into bed

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