Transform Your Campervan with the HappiJac Bed Lift
Perfect Your Living Area with Big Bear Vans' HappiJac Bed Lift Adjustment
Improve your campervan's comfort with the HappiJac Bed Lift, maximizing space and convenience. Enjoy easy bed adjustments, optimized storage, and a more versatile living area on your adventures.
We have got beds! Our HappiJac Bed Lift technology maximizes living area without sacrificing comfort by striking the ideal balance between convenience, space-saving, and usefulness. Goddamn, son. Big claims, those are. You won't find a better option for flexible sleeping configurations whether you're remodeling your camper, vehicle or compact house. See Big Bear Vans for all of your needs related to bespoke van conversions.

We found the HappiJac Bed Lift system a few years ago to be the ideal answer for optimizing space in small living spaces. To furnish our tiny houses and campers in Big Bear City, California, we sought the greatest bed lift available. Nobody nearby, though, offered it. Our vendors served typical furniture and home builders, not camper converts, tiny home enthusiasts, or van dwellers. We gambled, purchased more bed lifts than we actually required, and put them up for sale. This enabled other space savers to maximize their living quarters as well as ourselves. A few years later, we know even more about how to dial these systems in. Our go-to in the shop and yours might be the HappiJac Bed Lift, which offers outstanding stability, simplicity of adjustment, and optimum space efficiency.
That Ideal Modification

HappiJac Bed Lift adjustment brilliance is found in its accuracy and simplicity. Making necessary bed height adjustments is as simple as 1-2-3. This technology frees up important floor space for living, dining, or working by enabling you to lift your bed to the ceiling throughout the day. Simply bring it back down to a suitable height for sleeping. Need to change the height? All good. The HappiJac Bed Lift adjusts quickly and simply so your bed is always where you need it. Please visit Big Bear Vans for further creative alternatives.

Built for Contractors

 Builders are people we know—the do-it-yourselfers, the inventors, the perfectionists. You are the focus of the HappiJac Bed Lift adjusting system design. It is constructed robustly, with long-lasting parts that can take daily abuse. Building a modern camper, a comfortable little house, or a bespoke van—the HappiJac Bed Lift adjustment offers the dependability and flexibility you want. It also adds less bother to any project with simple installation and little upkeep. Visit Big Bear Vans to view our unique van construction.

We Ship it to You

 We have mastered the HappiJac Bed Lift adjustment at our facility. To guarantee every bed lift satisfies our exacting requirements, we have experimented, modified, and refined. It gives us great pleasure to provide this revolutionary to you. A well-adjusted bed raise may make a big impact, regardless of your level of expertise—professional builder or do-it-yourselfer.
Search no further if you want to maximize your living area without compromising comfort or design. The best option is the HappiJac bed lift adjusting system. We promise, your space will appreciate it.
 Our HappiJac Bed Lift journey began with a desire to determine the finest option for our particular construction projects. By offering you these goods, we are enhancing our builds and enabling you to design the room of your dreams. Visit Big Bear Vans for more individually designed van builds and conversions.

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